Mariehamn – From village to town

The history of Mariehamn

Mariehamn was founded in 1861 while Åland and Finland were part of the great Russian Empire. Mary, consort of Czar Alexander II in Russia, gave the city her name.

Mariehamn grew up around the agricultural village of Övernäs, located on a peninsula. The harbor’s built-in protected bays became very important. The streets of Mariehamn are wide and straight. The housing was large from the beginning, but today they have been divided to accommodate several houses. A distinctive feature is the Esplanade, an alley of Linden trees that extends from west to east, from port to port.

The Russian architectural heritage is mainly responsible for the design of the city. It follows the same basic guidelines found in many Russian cities, with great roads with walks in the middle of the street. Apart from that, the only Russian signs that remain from that era are the variety of tombstones in the cemeteries around Åland.

We also want to offer a video that is entirely about Mariehamn’s development from bygone times to the present.

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