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Gustaf Erikson and the Sailing Ships

For hundreds of years, shipping has been permanently linked to Åland's economic and cultural history. [...]

Bovik on Northern Åland: A paradise for families and boathouse lovers

Bovik, located in the northern part of Åland. Bovik is known for its charming boathouses [...]

Windjammers – Video collections

It is rare to have the opportunity to work or travel on a really large [...]

Herzogin Cecilie

Herzogin Cecilie, the legendary four-masted ship of the "Sail Age", remains unforgettable in maritime history. [...]

Mariehamn – From village to town

Mariehamn was founded in 1861 while Åland and Finland were part of the great Russian [...]

Tall Ships Races 2024

Tall Ships Races 2024 During these six weeks, the competitions will visit Klaipeda, Helsinki, Tallinn, [...]

The flag of Åland

When Finland declared independence from Russia in 1917, the Ålanders feared for their Swedish language [...]

T-Shirt – A real work garment

The T-shirt was developed from the “underwear” of the time, which was used from the [...]

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