T-Shirt – A real work garment

Arnold R Fesser

The T-shirt was developed from the “underwear” of the time, which was used from the 19th century. In other words, the t-shirt has evolved from the old underwear or “one-piece” to simply dividing this whole garment into an upper and a lower part.

However, the top or top of the sweater was long enough to protrude below the waist. With and without buttons, they were adopted by miners and harbor workers during the late 19th century as a practical and comfortable garment for warm environments.
The earliest T-shirts, without buttons, can be found sometime between the Spanish American War 1898 and 1913, when the US Navy first gave them to their soldiers as undergarments. Then they were white with the so-called crew-neck and short-sleeved that they had under the uniform. However, in warm environments such as the tropics or in submarines, it became common to take off the uniform jacket and only wear the t-shirt (less to wash).

This eventually opened up the concept of wearing the sweaters as generally “casual” garments. Printed T-shirts were in limited use until 1942, when a T-shirt from an American Air Force school appeared on the cover of Life magazine. In 1960, the popularity of T-shirts increased as political messages, self-expression and protests were often seen as messages. At the same time, all the varieties of advertising, sports and souvenir shirts printed over the years were developed.

Today’s T-shirts are available in a wealth of different varieties both regarding patterns and materials. In addition, both the Crew-Neck and V-neck models are both modern and popular.

T-shirts are among the most widely used clothing items used today – Globally!

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